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They all require a fantastical imagination and a heavy dose of stupidity. This wobble, called precession, causes the sun to be found in different constellations over time. A startup space company intends to send a group of astronauts on a one-way journey to. Getting sick is one of the harsh realities of living in Saskatchewan. A deep set cold. Author and lecturer Christopher diCarlo is a pain in the ass, and he wants you to. The only smart ones are the frauds, hacks and charlatans who profit from our gullibility.

Share: Facebook Twitter. Tags: astrology pseudoscience skepticism. You might be interested in A startup space company intends to send a group of astronauts on a one-way journey to. Latest from Opinions The resistance to new plant-based meat alternatives seems to stem from a. With the federal election around the corner, it's important to learn more.

There will have been a few carefully placed red herrings which have led us off track. Cosmic forces enable you to uncover lots of missing information today. Although some of it will surprise or even shock you, it will be of great benefit. Should you trust your gut instincts? Or would it be better to take your time, think things through, and decide how you feel about a delicate situation?

The more time you take to reflect, the surer you'll be, right? This can certainly be the case. Yet, all too often, our initial impression of a particular scenario disappears once we've had time to acclimatise to it.

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Persistent pensiveness might take you no further than you've already come. But it just might inform you of the perfect path to take. You're a Leo, born under the majestic symbol of the lion. Awesome and adorable, fierce and cuddly, you can inspire love and fear. So why do you so seldom capitalise on your awe-inspiring charismatic strengths? It's as if you sometimes forget your persuasive powers, and your ability to charm.

Yet, even when you're not aiming for maximum impact, you remain a tour-de-force. You've earned your right to be centre-stage today. Don't let anyone tell you differently, and enjoy the well-deserved acclaim. They say it 'takes all sorts to make the world'. Yet where are the people who think that? Who are these icons of compassion?

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Haven't they understood that it's our differences that make life so complicated? The world would be much simpler if everyone just did things one way - and that's your way!

ARIES (March 21 - April 20):

You're usually an accepting soul, yet you're finding it impossible to accept a particular attitude. You're witnessing something that should not be overlooked. Don't be afraid to call out what you see. It sometimes feels as if we're surrounded by people who have all the answers.

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The truth is that you're sometimes a member of this group of individuals. That's why you also understand that knowing the right answer isn't always enough.

It's important to match the solution up to the right question too. It seems that someone has mismatched answers with questions; they're certain you've got the wrong end of the stick. Venus, your ruler, brings an opportunity for dialogue and compromise. Some people lack sensitivity to others.

They're so impervious that they don't even realise that they're being rude, disrespectful or selfish. But then, since they're insensitive, we'd be silly to expect any better! So, how should we respond to such individuals? Do we have a duty to educate them?

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Or condemn them? Even if we were able to do both, is a quest for revenge ever justified?

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As Venus settles into your sign, you can find a way to be generous and kind today, even in the face of frustration. I've been thinking about forgiveness and the right thing to do when someone tries to draw a line under an unacceptable situation, or refuses to acknowledge that a wrong has occurred. There are occasions when forgiveness can be misdirected. Yet there are other times when it is appropriate to give it, even though it feels like the last thing we want to do.

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Someone is in the throes of realising that they've made a mistake. You're being placed in a position where you can do something right and kind. The human race is still producing too much plastic and, as a result, marine life in particular is suffering. Fortunately, we're becoming more aware of the damage being caused by our lifestyles, and we're better educated about the global impact of our individual choices. As individuals, and as a collective, we're changing. For some, this change isn't fast enough. But it's certainly better than nothing.

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You're facing a similar evolutionary process. Each small step you take is significant. View The Gold Coast Bulletin.