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Talk to a psychic now to know more. NOV 12, - Dynamic Mars sextiles lucky Jupiter to offer opportunity, and it is a dynamic business aspect over the next four days. Read full overview.

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If you've pulled the Star card, you know you're going the right way. If you're setting goals for yourself, you'll make sure to see them through. And though rewards may still be on To me, there is no greater act of courage than being the Sensei Greetings. Yesterday Today Tomorrow Weekly Monthly Weekly Monthly Aries Astral Cuff Bracelet. Aries 3-Charm Necklace. Taurus April 20 - May Taurus Baby Stellina Necklace.

Taurus Constellation Necklace. Taurus Stellina Necklace. Taurus Stargazer Necklace. Taurus Interstellar Star Maps Necklace. Taurus Zodiac Necklace. Taurus Astral Cuff Bracelet. Taurus 3-Charm Necklace.

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Gemini 3-Charm Necklace. Gemini Zodiac Talisman Charm Necklace. Cancer June 21 - July Cancer Baby Stellina Necklace. Cancer Constellation Necklace. Temporarily out of stock.

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Cancer Stellina Necklace. Cancer Interstellar Star Maps Necklace. Cancer Stargazer Necklace. Cancer Astral Cuff Bracelet. Cancer 3-Charm Necklace. Leo July 23 - August Leo Baby Stellina Necklace. Leo Constellation Necklace.

Leo Stellina Necklace. Leo Stargazer Necklace. If you are reading my monthly forecasts each month on your cell phone browser, there is a better, more modern and secure way.

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Once you have my app in your phone, you you will have th option to upgrade to my premium version which has much longer daily forecasts, all my essays and more. Time to quietly reflect on how you'd best like to use November.

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Even with Mercury retro From now until November 20, you can be sure November will sparkle for yo. Today when I ran into Sephora a darling salesgirl, Diana. When she was looking up a beauty item bought before so I could get the same one, she asked my name. I said Susan Miller. She said, "Wait! The real Susan Miller? A new friend! I finished writing Pisces. All 12 signs finished!

My editor has edited 11 sign and is working on Pisces in Philly, and then will send to our app to engineers in San Diego and the other engineering team in NYC for my website, Astrology Zone. I am now writing my Note from Susan Miller with some interesting announcements. I just wired Aquarius to my editor and I only need to write Pisces.

You see how long Aquarius took me to write. There are 3, words, and they will be thrilled with what I have to say about their career and ocial life in November.

We will post late tonight. Please Tell all your friends. The road may be long, but the journey is beautiful. Here is another progress report. I just finished Capricorn, so I only have Aquarius and Pisces to write.

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It's an important month--Capricorn, you will love what I see for you. Giving you a progress report. Each sign takes 7 hours to write.