Libra horoscope 2 december

Sun enters Scorpio

Ever heard the saying, "Cold hands. Warm heart? We have planets moving into the late stages of their respective astrological Houses. Therefore, the lessons we've learned last week will have a chance to prove themselves this week. The area where things may show the most maturity will be in relationships and how people relate to each other. Maybe not so much in what is said, but in how we express our feelings. There may be some zodiac signs who begin to open up more for the sake of honest connection, too.

During this holiday season, it's important to remember that everything we do involves human relationships. If you're giving gifts, how can you personalize them?

Are there problems in your family that you want to repair? How can you see things from their side? Dreams can take form. This is a wonderful time to plan out your projects. What do you need? Who will help you? Where will this go after you're done? Love has an opportunity to learn adaptability.

This is a great time for exploring your inner self but also how you fit into the big picture when it comes to relationships. Are you someone who needs to be with someone all the time or do you prefer space?

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We have an opportunity to mature, grow, and address our trust issues. Aries, the truth will set you free. Where knowledge is power, you learn to use what you know and feel about yourself, your surroundings and your opportunities in powerful ways. Although you may slow down in the area of productivity to prepare for the holiday season, that doesn't mean you're not busy, particularly in love. There appears to be a mature soul connection, in your life at this time. There's a friendship that makes you feel secure and safe. Although you may not have as much time to cultivate the relationship, that won't hinder its progress.

As you work on all your relationships, take time to reflect on how you can improve yourself. There's still time to learn a lesson or two that will give you amazing outcomes particularly in how you and others relate to one another. Make time to be with the people you love, and if needed, multitask so you're able to squeeze in some activities that you need to get done, too. Perhaps catching up with a friend by shopping at the same time.

Or instead of the usual dinner date, why not try a pedicure and manicure night out with the girls where you can get martinis and catch up on what's new. Taurus, it's time to dig into your closest relationships including the one you have with money. Your most intimate relationships might become more serious particularly those of a romantic nature. Your traditional ways of doing things may be what attracts others to you.

You could have things move in the direction of a proposal or perhaps someone will ask you to partner up in a business endeavor. Whatever you've got going on, it will be in the area of commitment. You may also find yourself struggling to fit more things in than there is time to do it. Let go of what isn't necessary so that you can focus on what matters most to you. Once you figure out what you don't need, your relationships will also improve. Perhaps your busy schedule has hindered your ability to spend time with people you care about. Things will begin to settle down more for you in the next few weeks.

Gemini, it's time to choose. Yes, it can be a little intimidating thinking that you have to narrow your choices. More than that, Gemini, it's time to choose not only what you want, but who you want to do things with.

You may already have an idea of who you would like this to be, or even what direction you'd like for your life to take. This week, get clear on how you feel and then set a date to make a commitment. You may find that you learn as you go. No one expects you to have all the answers or to not make a mistake or two along the way.

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If you're concerned about feeling trapped into a routine or a decision that you aren't happy with long-term, you can make adjustments. This is all a part of the learning process and what it means to make a final decision. Cancer, get ready to change your life, but first, consider your habits. Are you being authentic or trying to be what you think others want you to be? Is there an area of your life that you would like to see improve? Then go for it, but don't do it unless it's what will make you happy, not the other way around. Instead, come up with a game plan and see yourself making strides in your mind's eye.

If you've been doing things only to please others, rethinking how you approach change will make life a lot easier for you in the long run. When it comes to relationships, you may notice more body language signals that reveal who is willing to do what for you. When you do, don't be afraid to be the mature one to talk things over.

At the end of the day, what's important will be that you tried to understand rather than assume.

Learning to let go of what you can't control will help you to experience a new energy flow in your life. Leo, it's time to get serious. The past few months have provided you with plenty of lessons in love and life. You've had the chance to see who is in your corner and what matters most to you. October 2 to 14 — Sun in your decan makes it easier to be yourself. October 5 to 9 — Sun square Saturn on the 7th presents tests and challenges that make it harder to get your own way and reach your goals. You may feel restricted or weighed down by certain duties and responsibilities. This is a test of your character.

You must strive to meet your responsibilities with patience, determination and a strong work ethic. October 17 to November 5 — Mars in your decan gives energy, strength, and courage. October 24 to 30 — Mars square Saturn on the 27th brings the potential for frustration and inhibition. Your desires and needs may grow stronger, yet you will find it harder to express your passions and succeed.

The harder you pursue your goals, the more resistance you will face. So the best approach now is a defensive one. Libra horoscope October is based on planetary transits to Libra Decan 2, not to houses, zones or sectors. All year — Pluto square your decan means you are in for a test of your strength and character. You really have to know who are and stand up and be counted. You will learn to stand up for yourself but you must also find a balance. But being too ruthless when the opposition gets tough is not always the best option. September 25 to October 3 — Mercury in your decan brings mental alertness with quick thinking and reflexes.

An increase in communication, meetings, and short trips makes this the busiest time of the month. Expect more contact with children, siblings, cousins, and neighbors. You may receive important news or have to make a stressful decision. September 29 to October 9 — Venus in your decan makes you more relaxed, loving and affectionate. September 29 to October 2 — Venus square Pluto on the 1st can have a profound effect on your love life.

Simmering tension may come to the surface as some manipulative behavior like jealousy or possessiveness.

Your Zodiac Sign's Weekly Horoscope For November 26 To December 2, 2017

New love is possible and would likely involve instant attraction, infatuation or some obsession. October 6 to November 30 — Jupiter sextile your decan brings happiness and optimism as good things seem to come more easily. It turns any challenges from your difficult Pluto transit into opportunities. Because of Jupiter retrograde, you had this lucky streak earlier this year from February 8 to June October 12 to 24 — Sun in your decan makes it easier to be yourself. October 12 to 16 — Sun sextile Jupiter on the 13th brings optimism, good luck, and happiness.

This is a time of material and spiritual growth with opportunities to increase your wealth. This is an ideal time to start new projects and reach your goals, and to expand your horizons through further education or travel. October 12 to 16 — Sun square Pluto on the 14th increases your need to be in control, but can also lead to ego conflicts with other powerful people or authority figures.

Once you become aware of your need to be in control, you let things go, relax and feel less threatened. You can then channel your intensity into success through ambition and hard work. Libra horoscope October is based on planetary transits to Libra Decan 3, not to houses, zones or sectors. Menu Skip to content.