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A planetary configuration not seen since is coming our way, heralding chaos, revolution, and rebirth. Let the stars guide you through the coming storm. COM December 6, All alone and more paranoid by the day, President George W.

Planetary Revolution And The Paralysis Of Inevitability

Especially not his mother. His detractors blame him for the state the world is in. Extremists go one further and say the world is coming to an end.

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Most of us in this country just want gas prices to go down, the dollar to go up, and America to go back to the good old days. In fact, we can all gain perspective on what is happening politically, culturally, and socially in America by turning to the Zodiac, especially the signs of Cancer and Capricorn. For nations, like people, have horoscopes.

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America was born on July 4, , when the Founding Fathers decided it was time to separate from England and start a new life as an independent entity. That makes America a Cancer nation.

That makes the rest of the world love us and hate us. It is the sincere and conscious wish of every Cancer, including the U.

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Security and home are primal drives of this sign, sometimes to the point of clannishness or even xenophobia. America is and always has been about property, taxes, and land ownership. Get out! But are we, in the end, ruthless imperialists doomed to be brought down by our degenerate culture?

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It will challenge us as we have never been challenged before—until it will seem that the whole world is against us—but it will also reveal the secret of how we need to change. Her work has appeared in Seventeen, as well as numerous other magazines, and she has a nationally syndicated horoscope column.

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