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But for better or worse, it will express whatever is in the subconscious.

Or, if you find your sex life is being blocked by past trauma, Clarkinia suggests planning a night when Venus — Chiron transits your natal Scorpio. But all reward comes with a bit of risk, and this transit could alternately result in a rough emotional night. Either way, this will likely result in a very transformative experience.

There is some controversy about this last suggestion. Gould recommends romance when Venus contacts Jupiter once a year. This is a special time, so watch for it!

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And, of course, the moon will conjunct Venus once a month, and this will generally make it easier to be sexually expressive. All experts shared that if you asked for help in the bedroom, they would mostly focus on helping you and your partner understand your overall charts and influences so you could grow as a couple—and do it so well that great sex comes naturally, rather than trying to schedule intimacy. So, can you plan great sex based on how the stars align?

You can definitely try! You can take a shot when the moon conjuncts Venus or Jupiter. A professional astrologer can help you track your personal ad composite transits, helping you identify the best astrological forecast for your escapades. Or you can take a quick look here for gaging how things might go on any given night in bed! Juliah Reuckert is a writer, editor, director, animator, and astrology enthusiast living in Los Angeles. By Horoscope. Why Are Libras so Pretty? Comfort Keepers Gainesville, FL.

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I can honestly say that we have never had this type of transition with any system that we have ever converted. Ernie Turbyfill, Jr.

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Transitioning from what can only be categorized as a fiasco, you guys paved the way for a smooth transition and raised the bar, by a lot! Thank you all and look forward to continuing to work with you guys. Gainesville, FL. Here are a few reasons why:.

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As a business owner, there is a premium on my time. I need someone to take responsibility and get things done. ComSys has done that for us. They explained in layman terms what work was needed for our project, provided details of ALL COSTS no surprises later to do the job, and delivered on exactly what they said they would do.

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  4. The ComSys team was also extremely responsive to some unique circumstances associated with getting a significant amount of work done in a very short period of time prior to the opening of our Charter School. It's an understatement to say they exceeded our expectations ComSys responds quickly, many times diagnosing and solving areas of concern before we become aware of them. Katherine L. Floyd - Attorney Salter Feiber, P. Communication Systems, Inc. From the moment I placed the call I knew we were in good hands.

    Your Tech, Dan Pollock was on site early and well prepared to do the job. It was a pleasure working with him.

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    Meeting this tight deadline was critical to the success of this project and the company thanks you! I have worked in the Information Technology field for more than 15 years. Their terrific, industry leading customer service and follow-up support ensured uninterrupted service. For communication systems, I recommend ComSys far and above everyone else!

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    5. They help us with strategy, implementation, and are strategic partners in all aspects of our decision making process regarding telecommunications. Their level of service is incredible and their willingness to go the extra mile has helped our business save tens of thousands of dollars over the course of our relationship. I am confident that they will wow you as well, as working with them has been of one of the best vendor experiences I have ever had.

      Here are a few reasons why: At our initial meeting, rather than doing all of the speaking, Don listened and asked questions to understand our situation. Once our systems were in place, the entire ComSys team remained invested.