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The solstice full moon makes clear that caring for community, and being cared for by them, is an undeniably important aspect of your mental health. When you know that there are places and spaces you can go to that reflect your yearning for connection, acceptance, and love, you are vaccinated against the bitterness that can so easily seep into the human soul. Family is formed by blood, but also by intention. Make yours one that embraces the kindred spirits that you come across.

This full moon reflects a blossoming of some aspect of your career. Whatever you began 6 months ago is finding its way to fruition. Keep aligning your career ambitions with what moves you. With what feels right to your heart. Get your gut involved. When it says yes, move towards the professional and public opportunities that make it happy. No one but you knows what the next right move is, but whatever comes to consciousness about your professional and public directions around the full moon acts as confirmation, and any confirmation is cause for celebration.

Take time to honor your most cherished achievements of , and see what more you can make of them come The marks that your journey has left upon you can now be worn with pride. Nothing left in its pristine condition has been initiated, at least not into anything interesting. This full moon illuminates the thresholds that you have currently crossed from innocence to expansive experience.

As the full moon celebrates your willingness to try, it also upholds the best of your ideas. Helps to publish your message so that they can be received far and wide. Who has come through? Which partnerships get you and know how to grow with you? Not every investment is meant to bring the returns you expect, however. Some situations reveal themselves as unable to care at the level you can, and should be noted as such. You have unlimited creative energy at your disposal, but a limited amount of hours in your day and life. Believe in the abundance of your options and then align yourself with the best fits available.

Whatever you have been working on within the containers of your committed relationships over the last 6 months is coming to fruition with the solstice full moon. Nothing shows us how we are doing like the most important relationships in our life. The people we tend to take for grated will often be the receivers of our least thoughtful responses.

How we speak to our loved ones is often a reflection of our inner dialogue. It asks you to offer yourself a soft place to land and then notice how much more patience you have for others. It reminds you to offer yourself the amount of nourishment you need and then notice how much more you seem to have to give. Developing compassion, care, and kindness for yourself is the sweetest thing you can do for all the loves of your life. The solstice full moon lets you know which of your professional projects have been worth your efforts.

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The seeds you have been watering over the past six months now bear fruit worth feasting on. Enjoy all that your labor, and some luck, has produced. As your work-life and health enjoy the nourishment of your discipline, you get to take note of your reaction to it. Growth is funny thing. The thought of being worthy of our success can set off every resistance we have to it. Loving ourselves through the unexpected reactions to our own advancements is imperative to our well being, but it can take many moons to learn how to do so.

Give yourself time and as each lunation ebbs and flows allow yourself to absorb a little more of its energy, light, and wisdom. The solstice full moon marks a moment that is ripe with potential for your creative growth. Take note of what you began putting together, experimenting with, and encouraging to grow 6 months ago. When we refuse to do our inner work, partnerships become a funhouse, messing with our ability to experience intimacy.

Keep building these places of respite, restoration, and reflection. Your relationships, and all the bounty they want to bring you, depend on it. The Harvest Moon comments on the dreams that you have realized for yourself — no matter what still feels like a mess. Whatever you do during this Moon, take a moment to reflect on the amount of energy, dedication, and luck it took to get you to this stage of your evolution.

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Knowing the difference between past dynamics and present ones saves so much time, energy, and hurt feelings. The last week of the month see you working on the foundations of your life. Libra Season sees you turn a couple of tight corners. The full moon reminds you of the importance of composting.

A process wherein nothing is wasted. A process that nature is relentlessly engaged in. A process from which abundance is an outcome. If we want to grow, we have to make peace with letting go. No experience, no mistake, no sorrow, and no slight is left unincorporated — all of it, no matter how challenging, is utilized by the organism that is your life. This current shedding is temporary, sensitizing, and important for the long-term.

Your collaborations might be places for this high-speed growth. They also help you to make dreams a reality, reminding you that the process of doing so is far from perfect but so right for the present moment. As the Harvest moon blooms, it pulls focus on your commitments to others. This is a moment of exceptional sensitivity and the power of it is a gateway to radical change if you need it. Your ability to be vulnerable with yourself is a skill that serves you incredibly well in this moment. As the full moon fades, the last week and a half of Virgo Season reminds you of the balance between being thoroughly prepared and taking deep leaps of faith.

When you commit to the practices that never let you down and you show up for the responsibilities that develop your talents, business has a way of taking care of itself. Worrying is a human reaction to life but redirecting your energy towards doing what you can in the moment leaves much less time for it. Apply the same philosophy if any financial or professional issues arise come the last week of September and as we shift into Libra Season.

A little disharmony is key to living a balanced life. There are solutions in the conflict, new sounds to discover in the discord, and there are ways in which you strengthen your core when teetering off balance. While the Harvest Moon pulls focus on your work routines, relationships and projects, you are asked to do the impossible task of balancing all of that against what you need personally.

There are still a million details to tend to behind the scenes but look for opportunities to take micro naps, mini meditations, and make sure to stop by every refueling station you can. As the Equinox initiates you into Libra Season, you might feel a little more under pressure — and for good reason. Even the smallest of adjustments can help you make major improvements.

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In order to help you feel more supported in the world, some things at home may be ready for an upgrade. The Harvest Moon gives you ample opportunity to witness how your creative dreams have recently come into form. It is a reminder to appreciate the immense power of your imagination and to always give it a place of prominence in your work and process. The visions that appear to you in relentless ways want to be brought into the world through you. Oblige them. Because your creative process is so tied to the people you wish to serve with it, there is a direct call and response that you can tune into now.

Your community, your audience, and your networks let you know the impact and impression your work has made and is making on them. Let any creative triumph you have in this moment become an affirmation that you can use for future projects.

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Remember to go for the kind of work that has unusually good returns on the investment of your time and talent, both in material and soulful ways. You were brought here for a reason, born with a purpose, and made with care by the creative force that saw fit to mold you as you are. The full moon wants you to know this with no doubt, no shame, and no hesitation. Healing your relationship with your former life and former selves is hard work. Rest when you need. Go home early. Make no excuses for your needs.

You have a lot to accomplish out in the world, but your home-base is what will hold you through it. As Virgo Season comes to a close, it does so by granting you incredible drive to make an impact on your professional life — a totally different tone than the full moon created. This push and pull may be confusing and most likely points to the importance of having both aspects of life in as much balance as possible. The more precision you bring to your professional life, the more impressed others will be, and the more consciously you can direct your energy towards realizing your intentions.

Success takes both focus and the ability to understand what to cut out, what to move towards with confidence, and what support your system calls for. The end of September will also bring interpersonal dynamics to contend with in friend groups and your networks. Be fair when political dynamics need a voice of reason, but be firm when unnecessary drama tries to take over. The full moon pulls focus on your communications. What you have to say, get across, or put in writing is amplified by this lunation.

Make sure that your content has clarity. This full moon will have a tendency to blur the points that you are making, but it can also tend to uncover what has been unclear, muddy, or a little chaotic. If your days feel like they are bursting at the seams, make sure to get some perspective. Remember that what you want in the long-term needs you to fight for it in the short-term.

Trying to avoid conflict is a sure-fire way to create some. These lessons start to seep into your professional life mere moments after the full moon. The December full moon will crest in the lunar-ruled sign of Cancer on Saturday, Dec. This not only marks the final fully-lit luminary of the year, but it's also taking place less than a day after the peak of the winter solstice also known as the shortest day of the year and first official day of winter.

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December's full moon is also notably going to be the longest full moon we've seen in nearly a decade , serving up more than 15 hours worth of bright, glowing view time — so you'll want to get your moon-goddess-self outside into the night and bask in its glorious moonbeams. We've had a couple doozies moon-wise this past month, boiling tensions right out of the pot and causing everyone to feel a wee-bit delusional. But December's full moon is bringing us a sweet chance to heal from the rocky past month, and it may even have some happy cosmic surprises in store.

Both the last new moon and full moon were in hard aspect to Mars, planet of war, which definitely made us hot-headed and quick to feel frustrated. But December's full moon offers us a much-needed change of pace. That all said, what's a full moon without some classic full moon tears? Cancer is a water sign and its ruling planet is the moon herself — so you can bet this sign is more than a little emo. But that's not a bad thing! It's all part of the full moon flow, ya know? So yes, we're emo! But we're also healing! And we're overall feelin' good!

This moon also happens to be in a favorable aspect to beloved weirdo planet Uranus, so you might find yourself in the midst of some exciting cosmic synchronicity — along with the bonus urge to let your freak flag fly.

Don't be afraid to be your unique, one-of-a-kind self under the light of this moon! Have fun with it and embrace your intuition. You might find yourself blessed by some pleasant surprises, amusing coincidences, and unusual bursts of inspiration.

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